Device Provisioning

Devices in Synpse are responsible for running your applications.

What are devices in Synpse?

Devices in Synpse are like virtual machines in your favourite cloud provider. You will need at least one device that is online to run your applications. There's no limit on the number of applications that can be started on a single device, it depends on the available CPU and RAM.

Once device is registered to a project, you will be able to:

  • SSH into the device

  • Deploy applications to the device

  • View device resource (CPU/RAM/Disk) utilization

Installing the agent on your device

For installation instructions, please refer to the install section of the documentation.

Device Registration Tokens

All projects are created with a default registration token. However, it's often required to create new registration tokens with specific limits or just with new environment variables or labels. To create a new token, go to the "provisioning" page and click on "create registration token":

Once the device registration token is created, click "Provision Device" and select the token:

This command will:

  1. Download the synpse agent to the device

  2. Install it and supply the registration details

Once you run the command, you should be able to see the device in your devices page:

Configuration file

In cases where systemd is not available or other type of process supervisor is used manual agent configuration might be needed.

Synpse agent when starting will look for configuration file config.yaml in default location /etc/synpse (can be changed using AGENT_CONFIG_DIR variable).

Config file example:

  project: prj_1u4dQL6qYFGMkhmcKJPt93gYUUU
  registrationToken: drt_1u4dQMx57tzIo7K62gKqve4HHHH

Download latest agent:

curl -o /usr/local/bin/synpse-agent

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