Build a custom Raspberry Pi image

Short guide how to build Raspberry PI image for you edge device. There is multiple blog post out there how to do this. There is multiple ways to do this, depending what tools you have available.

Semi-manual step

Step 1: Download RPI-Imager

Download rpi-imager and install to you workstation. It's a small application that will help you prepare SD card for your device.

Step 2: Chose OS of your preference and SD card to write to

Step 3: Insert SD card into your device and boot it

Insert card to device and connect it to the screen and keyboard. You will have to run several commands on your device

Step 4: Install Docker

Search for docker and install it. Easier way to do it is open terminal and execute:

curl -sSL | sh

# start and enable
systemctl enable docker
systemctl start docker

Step 5: Install Synpse

Open browser and navigate to and navigate to Device section so you can copy and paste the Synpse installation command:

Step 6: Run the Synpse installation command in your terminal

Open terminal and paste the command to register to Synpse control plane:

Validating installation

Once the command is run, go to your project's device list. After few minutes (normally it takes seconds but it depends on the internet speed) you should be able to see your device.

Next steps

When you see your device registered, you can start deploying applications.

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