Teams (Share Devices)

Synpse supports granular access control different resources and action. Using built in role based access control (RBAC) model you can allow or deny access to different resources in your project.

Keep track of all your applications and production devices in one place. All projects in Synpse can be shared to any number of people. Let your support investigate devices and then share information with the engineering to fix it remote or on-site.


Go to your projects page and click "manage". Then, in the project members section click on "new member":

Enter your colleagues email or GitHub username (depends on how they authenticated to Synpse). Once added, they will be able to see your project.

Available Member Roles

Roles grant permissions to specific resources or actions on them. Project member can have one or more roles, this allows project administrator to finely tune who can access devices, update applications, etc.

Built in roles:

Role name



Higher level privileged access. Can interact with all resources in the project.


Read only access to the project resources. Can read everything except Secret content.


Standard developer role. Can interact with most of the resources. With exceptions that user can't grant other users accesses and can't delete devices.


Device administrator can execute privileged methods on devices. Example: SSH, Wipe or Restart devices.


Second to ProjectAdministrator privileged. Can grant other users accesses.

User can create custom roles or used default provided roles. If you wish to create custom roles, you will need to use either CLI or API.

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