Linux (Docker)

Agent installation instructions for Ubuntu, Centos, Synology NAS or any other Linux system that has systemd support.

These installation instructions should work on any Linux device as long as it has systemd (or SysV ) installed. The good news is that most of the operating systems have systemd readily available so the agent installation will be seamless.


Install Docker

To install Docker, simply run the command in the terminal:

curl -sSL | sh

To check whether Docker works on the device, run:

docker ps

It should show an empty list of running container. If you have issues installing Docker, I recommend going to the Docker documentation and looking for instructions for your system.

Install Synpse agent

Go to the project devices page and use the displayed command:

Alternatively, click on a "provision device" button. It should display you a command that already has your project and registration token prepared:

$ curl | \

After a few seconds, you should be able to see the device in your dashboard.

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