BeagleBoard AI

Beagleboards are quite popular among AI DIY hobbyists. Let's walk how to install synpse into it


  • Synpse CLI installed and logged in to Synpse Cloud

  • BeagleBoard with an installed OS. You can find "getting started" guides for individual models in the official forum (Debian 11 - not TILD support yet, Debian 10 with TILD support

If you are confused about which image to use (we were...) - we are glad to help - ping us on Discord!

You might need to connect to wifi. Both distributions (10 and 11) has different ways. Check this link for Debian 10

We found the LXQT image so slow, we used IOT TILD one.

Install Synpse agent

Open Chromium browser. Then, login into your account on, then go into the “Devices” page. Click on “provision”:

And paste the command into the device shell. We found UI to be too slow, so we did SSH using the default username and password.

You should see agent reporting in the Synpse cloud

Access build in IDE (cloud9): synpse device proxy beaglebone 8888:3000

Update BeagleBoard OS/Firmware

  1. Download the latest image from the BeagleBoard forum. Most board comes with quite big 16GB onboard eMMC flash with a high-speed interface. We recommend installing OS into this memory for better performance.

2. Burn image into the SD card using image burner (example rpi-imager)

3. Insert card into BB and boot. Once it boots - flashes the eMMC using the command:

sudo beagle-flasher

4. Once this is done eMMC will have a new version of OS installed.

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