Service (Robot) Accounts

Synpse provides ability to create and maintain your integrations without relying on individual team members. This can be done by creating robot accounts - Service Accounts for integrations.

Service accounts allow a simple access to your project for automated tools such as GitHub actions, Jenkins CI, etc. Each service account can be assigned with the same roles that team members can use to simplify permissions.

Creating Service Account (Web UI)

Click on "Service Accounts" in the left menu and then "create service account":

Once created, you will see a secret. Copy this secret to the tool that needs it or to your password manager.

If you lose the secret, just remove the service account and create a new one.

Creating a Service Account (CLI)

To create account you can use UI or CLI. Service accounts without access tokens are useless, so we will create one too.

synpse serviceaccount create <name> --role Reader --role Contributor
# name is name of ServiceAccount to be associated with
serviceaccount create-access-key <name> 

Example output bellow. Access token value will be printed once and will not be accessible after in plain text. If you lost it - recreate.

Service account access key sak_1vX51NRtv8d8hBTdJQJOI1iYUHG successfully created at Mon Jul 19 14:49:36 2021!

Value: s1vX51MKqa0G5jrej55oObFOUR6l 

You can list service accounts and access-keys associated with them:

synpse serviceaccount list
  NAME           CREATED         
  reader-sa      13 minutes ago  
  ci-cd-sa       3 minutes ago   

synpse serviceaccount list-access-keys
  ID                               DESCRIPTION           SERVICEACCOUNTID                 CREATED        
  sak_1vX51NRtv8d8hBTdJQJOI1iYUHG  ci-cd-sat access key  sac_1vX4rniBXM0PSbSoROl7W2inXXt  2 minutes ago  

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