Synpse namespaces and how to manage them
Namespaces are second layer resource within namespaces. The purpose of them is application level isolation. By default, free tier users can have 1 namespace.
Namespaces on their own have a resource quota limitation, which can be changed by upgrading tier.
You can create namespace from Projects section:
Projects UI
You can manage Namespaces by pressing Manage button on the Project. This allows user yo create or delete namespaces.
Same operations can be done via CLI:
synpse project --help
Manage projects
synpse project [flags]
synpse project [command]
project, projects
Available Commands:
create Create a project
list List projects
select Select a project
synpse namespace --help
Manage namespaces and their configuration
synpse namespace [flags]
synpse namespace [command]
namespace, namespaces
Available Commands:
create Create a namespace
delete Delete a namespace
edit Edit a namespace
list List namespaces
select Select a namespace