๐Ÿช„Beta - Universal Synpse image

Universal Synpse device image allows seamless install using short provisioning tokens. Just download the image, burn into the SD card and once started - enter Quick Registration token

Universal Images



  1. Download a universal image and burn it to the SD card.

  2. Insert the card into Raspberry PI and power it on.

The first boot might take from 3 to 5 minutes with a black screen

3. Once started you should see the Synpse web installer page. Make sure a device is connected to the internet before continuing.

4. Get Quick registration token from https://cloud.synpse.net Provisioning page for particular provisioning account:

5. Enter token into Synpse web installer and click "Register":

6. Wait for Synpse to finish the install

7. On the next boot Synpse web installer will not start anymore.

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