Synpse projects and how to manage them

Projects in Synpse are the top level resource. All resources such as Devices, Namespaces, Applications and Secrets belong to Projects. This enables having flexible role-based access control as well transferring projects between the users.

Project names are unique system-wide. Once the project is created, you cannot change the name.

Inviting a team member to your project

You can collaborate on projects with your team by adding their accounts to a project you control. You can do that by visiting project details and clicking on "New Member":

Added users will be able to view your project on their home page.

Deleting a project

Before deleting the project, make sure you have a contingency in place to access your devices. Once the project is deleted, all devices and their access keys will be wiped out from the system without any chance to recover. Therefore, make sure you can still use them afterwards.

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